Meet Christine

half pint photography

Yup, that’s me over there on the left at the ripe old age of two with my very first camera.

I was the little girl snapping photos of my parents with their heads out of frame….the little girl who subjected her dog Dusty to costume change after costume change for the perfect cute dog portrait. And today I am still that girl – the girl who always seems to have a camera in her hand.

It has always been a desire of mine to transform my passion for photography into something that I could share with others and so I have devoted endless hours to honing my skills (think schooling, workshops, online courses, books, magazines, blogs, discussion boards and practice practice practice!). It is also no secret that I love babies and children. I am drawn to their sweet innocence, infectious laughter and enthusiasm for all things big and small. I credit the birth of my first son with inspiring me to finally share my combined love of photography and children with others.


And just to keep it fun, here are some random fun facts about me:

  • I AM the half-pint of Half-Pint Photography, standing at a massive 4′ 11″.
  • And along those same lines, I am related to the shortest Munchkin in the Wizard of Oz. It’s true!
  • I don’t drink caffeine. Can’t stand coffee. Three kids, no caffeine…I’m not really sure how that works.
  • I love ice cream. And to make it a little weirder…my favorite flavor of ice cream is coffee, but I hate coffee the drink (see above).
  • Naps are one of my favorite activities. Don’t get to do it enough, but I love when I do, especially if I have a pint-sized partner in crime.
  • But probably my most favorite of all things to do is having a impromptu dance party with my kids in our kitchen…or bedroom…or car…you get the idea. We probably don’t dance well, but we have THE. MOST. FUN!


And while we are sharing, you should probably hear about the five very special individuals that I share my life with. You’ll probably see them around here every now and again:

  • My very supportive husband, who knows just what to do to make me laugh uncontrollably
  • My “big” boy, who has the best laugh in the whole wide world as far as I’m concerned
  • My little girl, whose is equal parts silly, sweet and strong-willed and keeps me on my toes in the best way possible
  • My baby boy, who can win over anyone with his seriously infectious smile and big beautiful brown eyes
  • And my 12 lb. terrier Max, who is hands down the world’s best cuddler
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